Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mike Lindsey Sentenced: Having Long Hair, or a Chronic Illness, Can Get You a Longer Jail Term In Rankin County.


His hair is not styled this way, that is his dried blood.
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Honorable Judge William Chapman, sentenced, Mike Lindsey, to a term of 20 years in prison, with 15 to serve, and 5 years probation, under a Manslaughter Best Interest Plea, which admits no guilt.

Judge Chapman, told Mike Lindsey“Because you selfishly stabbed, Dave Knapp, in order to get an ambulance for yourself, you have long hair, Hepatitis C, and have drank and drugged, all of these years, part of this is your punishment for that, and part of it is for protection of society.”

His attorney, Don Leland, said of Mike’s sentence“It broke my heart. I nearly broke down and cried, it was just horrible.”

He went on to say, “His characterization of Mike, is so unlike that boy, and regardless of Mike’s past, It still does not give someone the right to come to your house, and try and kill you. He out weighed Mike by 71 pounds, and was 16 years younger.  I don’t care if you have long hair, are sick, black, white, red, or green, those factors should have nothing to do with your sentence.”

I also spoke with one of Mike’s former co-workers, Wade Hutson, from Morrison Brother’s Music, and ask how long he had know Mike, and what he thinks of him.  He said“I have worked with Mike for about 5 years, and Mike is a great, very kind, guy, we were friends, and you could always count on him to do what he said he was going to do. He has been a true blue friend, I’ve never had a friend better than Mike.  He came to us with glowing recommendations. 

I ask him, when he found out Mike had a felony conviction 30 years ago, if that changed his opinion of him, he said, “Absolutely not, I’ll give you a prime example.  After he was arrested for murder, he was allowed to come back to work the day he got out, so that should tell you how we here at Morrison Brother’s feel about him.”

In addition he said, “I learned more about Mike’s past, as time went on, when he confided things about his life in general.  We all have our skeletons, have made mistakes.”

Mike Lindsey was violently attacked at his home at 2:00 in the morning, had big globs of his hair pulled out, suffered two fractured ribs, two partially collapsed lungs, had a beer bottle broken over his head, and then ground into his face, requiring over 50 stitches, it felt like his face was falling off, bleeding profusely, his contacts were gouged out, his blood soaked shirt ripped off, and blood was pouring into his eyes, and down his chest, and he feared he would die from blood loss.

 After being attacked twice, he breaks loose, gets inside his home to try and find a cell phone to call 911, (After he has been repeatedly begging for someone to call because he needed an ambulance) can't find it, looks out his door and sees his attacker with his arm around his roommate, thinks he is attacking him, finds a knife laying on the kitchen counter, goes outside and stabs the man once to disable him, and the man dies while both of them are waiting 45 minutes for an ambulance.

Even though, by law, he is protected by the Castle Doctrine, the Pearl Police Department filed murder charges on him, and that charge remains for three years, until one week before court, they up it to habitual offender because of a 30 year old charge the man had when he was a teenager, one a crime he did not participate in.  

This is a man that goes to work, takes care of his family, and has never hurt anyone in his life.  Before trial they give him a competency test, but after giving him the test, take him off the medications that are used to control side effects, that include; seizures, hallucinations, confusion, weight loss, passing blood, and stand him before a trial judge, in that condition.

The man who attacked Mike Lindseyy, Dave Knap, has bragged about busting people over the head with beer bottles before, and grinding it into their face, bragged that he has stuck people with a knife, twisted it, then pulled it out, back handed his 4 year old child with his fist, has a long rap sheet, and also left the person he told these things to, with the impression that he has also killed someone. 

He was no angel, and I will leave his fate up to the one who knows the heart of all men, but right now I am concerned with the life of a man that tried to defend himself, his loved ones, and his home.

When I started looking into this case, I was undecided, but after hearing the facts, I would not have been able to convict him of murder or given him a harsh sentence.

What would you do, if someone came to your home at 2:00 in the morning and attacked you like that?

Most voters I have talked to have said, “If he had done that to me, I would have killed him with anything I could have gotten my hands on, regardless of, if I thought he was attacking my roommate, or I felt my life was in danger.”

I don't know what I would do, but if I was continually losing blood, and afraid for my life, and the only way to save myself, was to hurt the person who inflicted my injuries, and was going to let me bleed to death, I would probably do what ever I felt was necessary to preserve my life. That is human nature, and called survival.

Most people, who come in contact with our judicial system, come away feeling something is terribly wrong.

After what I saw in trial, regardless of whether I think Mike is innocent or guilty, the way things were handled in the court room, were a travesty of justice, and I am very angry about the things I witnessed.

People can continue to sit in front of their TV, their computers, their cell phones, and ignore what is going on all around them, or they can join together to stand up for what is right.  If we do not stand up soon, before long there will not be anything left to stand up for.

If you reside in Rankin County, and defend yourself against unlawful attack, you will most surely be charged with murder.

This case was not about the past, it was about the facts, and the judge totally, and prejudicially, ignored the facts in this case.

He also ignored the law, as it pertains to, The Castle Doctrine.

Here is a link to the Castle Doctrine.


  1. I have known Mike for many years - he is a great guy and a good friend - always willing to help someone in need

  2. Could you write about Jeff Havard? Contact me by email and I will share the court documents with you.

  3. I am 50 years old and have known Mike since I was 12 years old. We grew up together. Mike has had issues with drugs and alcohol all his life. He, like all of us, has his cross(es) to bear. However, Mike isn't and has never been a violent person. He has always been a kind, sensitive, and sympathetic individual who often has placed the needs of others ahead of himself. He is charismatic, likeable, and just a simple man who has worked all his life and paid his own way. Under no circumstances did he deserve the sentence he was given. I spoke with Mike multiple times after the incident and he was deeply grieved that he had been forced to take another person's life. Yet, he was confident he would be vindicated in a court of law, as he felt in his heart he was given no other choice. The court did a travesty to Mike and let him down, taking the side of a piece of white trash with a rap sheet as long as your arm instead. The bottom line is he was attacked unprovoked at his home because he told Knapp's girlfriend to go home and stop coming to his house to bum. Rankin County totally disregarded State law (The Castle Doctrine), and did what Rankin County is (in)famous for, which is to convict a person on personal grounds instead of on the evidence and facts. Michael Lindsey was defending himself, at his home, from a man with a violent past who attacked him and beat him almost to death. HE IS INNOCENT!

  4. Well said Michael

  5. was it a drug deal gone bad? why was the guy there in the first place. i've heard stories and just want the truth.

  6. No it was not a drug deal gone bad. A neighbor came to his house at 2:ooam & committed felony aggravated assault on Mike. The instigator of this attack & one of the people who came with this attacker to commit this felony on Mike (the girlfriend of the attacker) has had their 2 children (who were 2 & 4 years old at the time of the attack & left home alone while they came to Mike's to commit this felony attack on him) taken away for leaving them home with her 16 year old daughter (who was not home the night of the attack) & never returning. She has also been convicted of felony shoplifting & conspiracy in Rankin Co. since her participation in this felony committed on Mike that resulted in the death of her boyfriend from a single stab wound only meant to disable. This attacker would have never died if he has not had to wait 40 to 45 min. for medical response. I tell you this with accurate eye witness knowledge to the felony aggravated assault committed on Mike at his front door @ 2:00am. I was never asked for a statement by law enforcement or acknowledged by them or any member of the prosecution team because I was trying to wake someone to call 911 (who Mike was screaming to be called the whole time he was being)when Mike stabbed his attacker one time only to disable. I was have to run to neighbors houses to try to get them to call 911 to him help because I did not have my phone on me since we were getting ready to go to bed when this attack happened & could not get back inside to get it because Mike's attacker was attempting his 2nd attack on Mike in his front door blocking me from being able to get back inside. Mike received multiple life threatening injuries within seconds of this attacker coming to his front door screaming his intentions of kicking the MF's ass & was listed on AMR patient care report as a priority 1 life threat. When Mike was released from the hospital & taken to the police station I was turned away by being told "there is nothing else you can do for him today". When I ask what the charges were I was told "there are no definite charges yet. All the witnesses were drunk & they were waiting for them to sober up to get a statement from them". The detective who told me this is the only official who talked to me at the scene & knew that I was the only witness who had not been drinking. They didn't need the witness to the felony committed on Mike which they were not going to acknowledge though. I have taken a polygraph & passed that contradicts the prosecution drunk witnesses accounts & the prosecution refused to give their witnesses (who were accomplices in the felony committed on Mike)a polygraph even with the defense offering to pay for these polygraphs. You can view crime scene photos of Mike taken by police when they arrived on the scene & were withheld from the defense when the prosecution released their discovery & MEMO BRIEF IN SUPPORT OF MOTION TO NOLLE PROSSE
    by Clarence McDonald Leland, Ltd at Mike's web page by the Mississippi Justice Project at this link.

    If you want the truth this is it verified by polygraph.

  7. Corruption... Epidemic in America. Have you contacted ? I will be telling about the fraudent case against my own minor son Bryce. 4brycesbattle
    (((((((HIGS))))))). I am a mutual friend of Steve HAPPY Gilmore. BrycesMoM

  8. Oh snap, I'm not affiliated with the Lawless-America movement any longer. I am remaining with myself as my sons advocate and our personal friends... . Did you check L A out? Maybe it will work for you? HUGS to U. Blessings too. Marie 4brycesbattle