Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dead Man's Step-Daughter Prayed For Him To Die.

Dave Knapp was killed, after attacking Mike Lindsey, at Lindsey's home in Pearl, Mississippi.

I find it ironic, that Mike Lindsey, was sentenced to 20 years in prison, for unknowingly answering a little girl's prayer.

According to an anonymous source, Dave Knap's 14 year old step-daughter, said, "I got down on my knees every night, and prayed that he would die."  She has also sent a message to Mike Lindsey, "Tell him, thank you, you are my savior."

Dave Knap also confided to this source,  "I have broken bottles over people's heads, and stabbed them in the face with a beer bottle before,and have stabbed people with a knife, then twisted the knife, then pulled it out,"  He also thinks that Dave Knapp has murdered a man before, because of things Dave told him.

"I have seen Dave backhand his 4 year old son with his fist, then Dave tried to tell Me, he didn't normally do that." Dave's kids have really come out of their shell since Dave died, and people I have talked to told me that was a sign of abuse."

This source when to the Pearl Police Department with this information, and other information, but they refused to report what he said, and withheld this, and other valuable information.

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