Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Looking For Answers in Rexdale Henry Death

As of today,  34-year-old Justin Schlegel has been arrested for the murder of Rexdale Wayne Henry.  Schlegel was Rexdale's cellmate.
The news is a buzz about the death of Medicine Man/Activist, Native American Choctaw, Rexdale Henry, 53, who passed under suspicious circumstances in a Neshoba County jail in Philadelphia, MS, but for those of us who knew him, he was simply known as friend.

Always soft spoken, and kind, I usually ran into Rexdale as I was arriving at work and he was leaving.  I could always count on him for a friendly smile, and a big "Hey" when we passed each other.  

To know Rexdale was to love Rexdale.  He was one of those people who easily found his way into peoples hearts.

Trying to imagine what could have happened to him in a Neshoba County jail is incomprehensible, because no answer will ever satisfy the human longing to know "Why?"

Murder? Why would anyone ever want to hurt a kind soul like Rexdale.  Suicide?  No way! He was not the type person to take his own life, much less after only 3 days in jail for some old fines.

On the day of his death, July 14, 2015 around 12:00,  as I walked in the door at work, I was thrown for a loop when I went to my locker and there was a Dragonfly hanging from my lock.

Folklore says the Dragonfly carries the energy of the deceased.

One of the table game supervisors came along and gently removed the Dragonfly from my lock, and I thought, "How weird for a Dragonfly to be inside a Casino, hanging from the lock on my locker.  

Then I got the news that totally shocked me.  Rexdale Henry had passed that morning, and as the murky details of his death began to make their way around, we were all left with a feeling something wasn't right.

Again, as I went to break, the Dragonfly flew at me, and also at my friend JJ.  She said, "I feel like that is from Rexdale."

Although a Dragonfly holds no significant meaning to Native American Choctaws; Like Rexdale's death, the Dragonfly hanging from the lock on my locker seemed to be saying; something is amiss, unanswered, underneath the surface, waiting to be discovered, but what, and why?

I felt like there was a message; "You have a key to the lock, find out what happened to me, find justice for me", but as I sit here looking for answers, I realize none of them will give me peace. 

It is said when you see a dragonfly you are to look for a deeper meaning; the message of the Dragonfly is in keeping with the kind of person Rexdale was, and as his family waits on autopsy results,  I think this is a message Rexdale would want to leave all of us with.  

Excerpt from:  

When you see a dragonfly, that is your reminder to take a moment and evaluate the life you are living, to think about who you truly are as a person. A dragonfly's life span is very short, in its life it does not fly till the last half, once it is able to fly, it rarely stops. It enjoys the short amount of time it has to be free, and it does not waste a moment of it.
The dragonfly does not hurt anyone or anything, it spends most of its time alone, very peaceful and yet restless... with its translucent body, ever changing in the light, it can blend into its surroundings, beautiful and captivating. If you should come across a dragonfly, remember you are ever changing and beautiful. Life is more fulfilling when lead with an inner-peace, a clear mind and the ability to enjoy the smallest things.

Also means: be aware of falsehoods, deceit, and those speaking untrue and misleading words.
Fly on our friend, you may be gone from this earthy plane, but your memory will remain in the heart of all who knew and loved you, and we won't stop looking for justice.

You can join his Facebook page:  Justice for Rexdale W. Henry

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