Friday, January 29, 2016

Former Shondra May Co-worker Speaks Out!

The following was written by one of Shondra's former coworkers.  They wish to remain anonymous.  

Growing up in Forest, Mississippi was very boring. There was not much for young people to do. Most of the time kids hung out in the parking lots talking, drinking beer and listening to music. Kids would pile up in one car and circle back and forth from Sonic to McDonalds, to TG&Y and Cat's Cave. The boys all had blue lights they stole from the airport and would hook them up to a battery to make a strobe light.
My parents were very strict on me and I was not allowed to hang out with the fun kids back then. I was only allowed to attend the Baptist church, go to school at Scott Central and to my job at McDonalds in Forest.
 My first day at McDonalds I had to fill out a bunch of papers. Shondra May was in the break-room eating lunch and asked me if I needed help. She was so pretty. She had short black hair, green eyes, dark complected . I wished I looked like her. I was so flat chested I looked like a boy. She was just the opposite.
 Right away I noticed that all the guys were attracted to her. She would Hug the boss, a skinny guy with glasses named Tony.  I thought to myself," I know good and well she don't like him". He'd yell at us to get to work. He'd say "If you got time to lean, you got time to clean".

 A cop came every day through the drive-through. I can't remember now if his name was Willie McCurdy or Jamie Veezy. I honestly don't remember. He was chubby and dark headed and wore glasses. When he came he would not give me his order, rather he insisted on seeing Shondra. I told him one day that Shondra was busy. He said I'll wait and would not leave or pull up so the people behind him could get their food. She always knew what he wanted before he came to the window, a medium Dr. Pepper. She would lean out the window, give him his drink, flirt and act like she liked him, then roll her eyes when he drove off.

I always got the job of mopping the lobby and the bathrooms. There was an old guy that sat in the lobby for several hours everyday smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee and staring at the girls. He had no shame about it. He would look you up and down, and down and up. He had shoulder length grey hair and a Sam Elliot mustache that twisted on each end. He was freaky looking (but all the older men looked freaky to me.). I think he drove a white Monte Carlo.  

One day one of the boys that worked the drive-through window said," Someone left this for you Shondra." He then handed her a dried up, long stem rose. It had thorns, not store bought. It was withered and white. She asked, "Who was it? " He said it was just some guys, he didn't know them. Everybody started picking at her saying,"ooooweee, Shondra's got a boyfriend, Shondra's got a boyfriend". She threw the rose on the counter and said, "I don't want it! " I thought she was being a snob, because if I got a rose I would be happy and grateful. I was too young to know that a dead rose is not flattering.

I would go to TG&Y after school several days a week. I enjoyed looking at makeup, magazines and tapes. There was always these three boys riding through the parking lot trying to pick up girls. They would yell at me and call me sexy and hot stuff. The driver was fat and red headed with a crew cut. The front passenger had kinky, red , bushy hair, a cap, and tattoos on his fingers. The boy in the back was kind of cute. He had black hair and real blue eyes. He looked a lot younger than them. They drove an old, loud, red car, a Firebird, I think.

 At first I was polite, but my daddy said not to talk to them at all so I began to ignored them.   One day the red headed passenger jumped out and tried to pull me up close to him. He was trying to pull me into the car. I pushed away and ran in the store.

When Shondra disappeared my daddy wouldn't allow me to work anymore. I was not allowed to go anywhere alone, not even TG&Y.  If I went shopping, I had to take a friend.  I never saw the boys that so frequently circled the parking lot in the red Firebird again.   However, I heard through friends that the driver became a Pentecostal preacher within months of her death, the red headed passenger went to prison for robbery and murder, and the cute black headed boy, who seemed the nicest of the bunch, killed himself or was killed, not sure which.

All us kids from McDonalds were interviewed by FBI . I told them I thought the cop did it. The investigator said that's highly unlikely because he never missed a day of work. The cop told me she was raped by more than one man, then he said something that sent chills over me," At least one of her killers was red headed."
I remembered the three boys in the red Firebird. I told him what happened to me, and how other girls were harassed by those three. From then on and to this day, I have always thought it was them.
 I haven't been back to Ms in 20 years. My mother passed and my father moved to Denver to be near me and my husband. I stay in touch with dear friends from there and enjoy seeing pictures on Facebook of classmates from Scott Central. I have no desire to ever return to Scott County.
 Last Sunday I sat near the window of our small church and watched the snow pile deeper and deeper around the glass. My mind was on Shondra. I could not forget her sweet smile, gentle voice and green eyes. I felt guilty for my childish jealousy.
When the preacher said," Remember the dead who have gone ahead of us", he caught my attention. He went on to read a passage in the Living Bible that talked about the first murder. Cain killed his own brother, Able, in cold blood and then tried to hide it from the Lord. Then God asked him, "Where is your brother?" Cain Said, "How should I know? Am I my brothers keeper?" The Lord then said,"What have you done? Listen! Your brothers blood is calling to me from the ground!"

We have a responsibility to solve this murder. Someone out there knows the truth. Someone has got to come forward. Shondra's blood is crying out from the ground!  LISTEN!


Monday, January 25, 2016

The Mysterious Death of Shondra MayHeats Up With Paranormal Research



                                                                       Bolton Creek
 Mississippi Paranormal Research Institute standing on bridge over the murky waters of Baker Creek, where Shondra May's lifeless body, like so many other's that have been brutally murdered and dumped here, have been found.
Richard and Genell May were told it would be almost impossible for them to ever have a child together so they adopted a beautiful little boy and named him Tim.  Miraculously, 8 months later Shondra came into the world at 3lbs and 15 ounces and Tim became a big brother. 

They grew up in the rural community of Pea Ridge, about a 15 minute drive from Forest, Mississippi, where they were  surrounded by a loving, close knit family. and enjoyed all the things most country kids enjoy.  There were horses, cows, bike riding, gardens, church and the usual fun of living in the country.

Grandparents, aunts and uncles were just a stone's throw away from the house Richard May built, high on the hill, for his tiny family.

 Shondra grew into a beautiful young girl, and attended Leake Academy where she was an honor student.  She played piano at Calvary Baptist Church, and worked at McDonalds Restaurant in Forest to earn extra spending money. Life was good.

On February 4, 1986 Shondra clocked it to her job at McDonalds at 6:00.  It was a slow, dreary night and her boss let her leave work after only an hour and 24 minutes. 

She called her parents from McDonalds and told them she was leaving work and going by TG&Y to buy a valentine card for her boyfriend, Tony Adams, and would be home after that brief stop.  She called her parents as a matter of routine, especially after feeling she was being followed 6 months before, and then four nights before her abduction, 4 guys with long hair driving a large, older model car, handed the person at the drive through window a rose, and told them to give it to Shondra. No one, including Shondra, knew who they were.

The parking lot of TG&Y was a local hangout for many of the kids in Forest, boys circled around in their cars, looking for girls to flirt with, and vice versa. Many of the kids would park their cars and gather around and joke and have fun, but tonight was a school night with little activity. After purchasing an oversized Valentine card for her boyfriend, Shondra drove off into the night, never to be seen alive by her family again. 

Mississippi Paranormal Investigations and Muddy Mississippi Justice join together on Shondra May case.

The parking lot of McDonalds in Forest, Mississippi, where Shondra once worked, was a buzz as people filed out of their cars and trucks and headed where Lucy Dieckhaus, with WJTV and Kyle with MSNEWSNOW.COM waited in the parking lot.

 Most of us, strangers to each other, embraced, as we all gathered together for one reason, to search for answers in the death of a beautiful, sweet, blue-eyed brunette, that never had the chance to live the life most of us have been blessed with.

From McDonalds we headed to Burke's Outlet, where the old TG&Y use to be, and the last place Shondra was seen before she disappeared. 
The old TG&Y

With a heavy heart, we gathered at the cemetery were Shondra is buried and watched in awe as Mississippi Paranormal group put a K2 meter, voice recorders, digital camera's and three physics to work.  They asked questions and recorded possible answers not easily heard by the human ear.

Rest in Peace
                                                               Shondra May's headstone, still waiting for a date of death.

From there we went to where Shondra grew up, and pulled into the South side of the driveway and drove to the top of the hill where the South and North driveways meet.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Her Car Was Found to the right, below where white SUV is Parked.  She was approximately 100 Yards from her home.

 It was at this intersection, coming from the North  side (the side the family rarely used) that Shondra's car was found, door ajar, wallet out of her purse with nothing missing but her and her drivers license.  This is where the suspicion that she was pulled over by an officer of the law or someone impersonation an officer came from.  According to an anonymous source many of the guys around Forest had blue lights in their cars and bedrooms that were stolen from the airport,

One of the psychic investigators, Brandy Donatiello,  walked down to the north entrance and sat down, but it wasn't long before she sent someone to ask Tim May about something.  She said she felt a bump in one particular spot, like Shondra had bumped her car on something.  It was the only time Tim May laughed, as he recalled Shondra, then 15, wrecking their dads favorite car, an El Camino, at that very spot.

From Shondra's home, like a band of modern day gypsies, we headed for Bolton, MS and the murky waters of Baker's creek.

Shondra's body is not the first nor will it be the last to be found in this rural area outside of Hinds county. 

Bullet Casings from a 22 along with a black hooded shirt on
the edge of the bridge.
 From one vantage point, as we looked into the water from the bridge overhead, we could see a large rolled up rug, and none of us wanted to know what might be inside. 

 We have a lot of tips coming in, and are waiting on results from Mississippi Paranormal Investigators.  Stay tuned for updates!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Mississippi Paranormal Investigations and Muddy Mississippi Justice Team up on Shondra May Mystery

On February 4, 1986 a beautiful 17 year old girl, Shondra May, disappeared, and her lifeless, tortured body was found on February 26th, 1986 on  her 18th birthday.

Almost 30 years to the date, Muddy Mississippi Justice, Jerry Arnold, and David Childers, with Mississippi Paranormal Investigations, will team up to explore where she lived, loved, worked and attended school, and then move on to a wooded area near Bolton, Mississippi, where her naked, strangled body was placed into large black-plastic garbage bags and thrown away like trash into the dark waters of Baker Creek.

While her killer or killers went on with their life, hers was cut short.  She never got to go to college,  have her own family or follow her dreams.  The death of someone so innocent and sweet shattered the peace and safety, once felt by so many, in central Mississippi, forever. 

Someone, somewhere, knows something.  Whatever you are holding back, whoever you are protecting, stop.  You can never return her to her family, but you can give them some peace by helping to solve her murder, and yourself peace by telling what you know.

If you are the perpetrator, and you have a conscience, you will never know a day of peace until you come forward. You live in a prison now, and there is no greater prison than the mind.

You can follow the investigation, live streaming on Sunday, January 24, 2016, at the following link: