Friday, January 22, 2016

Mississippi Paranormal Investigations and Muddy Mississippi Justice Team up on Shondra May Mystery

On February 4, 1986 a beautiful 17 year old girl, Shondra May, disappeared, and her lifeless, tortured body was found on February 26th, 1986 on  her 18th birthday.

Almost 30 years to the date, Muddy Mississippi Justice, Jerry Arnold, and David Childers, with Mississippi Paranormal Investigations, will team up to explore where she lived, loved, worked and attended school, and then move on to a wooded area near Bolton, Mississippi, where her naked, strangled body was placed into large black-plastic garbage bags and thrown away like trash into the dark waters of Baker Creek.

While her killer or killers went on with their life, hers was cut short.  She never got to go to college,  have her own family or follow her dreams.  The death of someone so innocent and sweet shattered the peace and safety, once felt by so many, in central Mississippi, forever. 

Someone, somewhere, knows something.  Whatever you are holding back, whoever you are protecting, stop.  You can never return her to her family, but you can give them some peace by helping to solve her murder, and yourself peace by telling what you know.

If you are the perpetrator, and you have a conscience, you will never know a day of peace until you come forward. You live in a prison now, and there is no greater prison than the mind.

You can follow the investigation, live streaming on Sunday, January 24, 2016, at the following link:

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